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  First we will ask you a few questions to help us understand       your idea. The quality and accuracy of the information you       provide is crucial for us to successfully evaluate your idea.       Please submit only NON-confidential information.


Do you have an idea that could change people's lives in a meaningful way? Creating new inventions that will make a difference is not easy, and learning how to market a product can be equally challenging. That's where we come in. At ViRACS we have the expertise to bring your ideas for a new product to the market successfully.

This Portal helps to network early budding scientists, students and small start-ups : Where ideas, experiences and resources can share to galvanize the healthcare innovation community. Young students and scientists can share Ideas, which can be evaluated by our expert panel and can be TOMORROW'S Life saving tool.

we know that innovation can come from anywhere. That’s why we’re always looking for partners with whom we can collaborate - to combine knowledge in new ways and create new synergies. If you have a potentially winning innovation that addresses an unmet healthcare need, we want to hear from you. If you have an idea that you’d like to share, please submit it through our easy to navigate Idea Portal.  All ideas must have a patent filing.  Also, any ideas submitted through this portal should be on a non-confidential basis.

​We are open to all ideas and suggestions. Together we can create, innovative and Reduce The Burden of Healthcare.​​

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