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​Can an organization dramatically improve the quality, speed, and profitability of their new product projects while driving down the risk of failure?

Absolutely No.

And we know how top performing companies master this critical practice.

ViRACS idea-to-launch model is the industry standard for managing new product innovation excellence. The ground-breaking, widely-implemented process expertly integrates numerous performance-driving practices into an easy-to-understand recipe for success. The robust design of our Project Management tool engages users of all decision-levels and functions, enabling quality execution, timely Go/Kill decisions, alignment and speed.

The result: superior products reaching markets faster and generating better profits.

Whether you are launching game-changing technologies and products that alter competitive landscapes and create new markets, introducing new-to-company products to generate new revenue streams, or defending market share by releasing improved versions of products, adopting the ViRACS PMS model improves performance and reduces your risk of failure.

VIRACS HEALTHCARE offers Complete Project management tool